last update: 14/3/2024

The conference will be held onsite as a face-to-face conference at UEF Joensuu campus.

Travel information

Please note that the flight schedule to Joensuu (JOE) has now been confirmed for the spring. Please consult the Finnair website ( The flights out from Joensuu on Saturday and Sunday are limited to one/day, and there will no further planes.

There are 5 trains per day between Helsinki and Joensuu from 6:55 a.m. until 6:29 pm (see The first train usually leaves Joensuu around 5 a.m. and the last one around 6:00 pm.

If you plan to take the train directly to the Helsinki airport (or come from the airport), you change at Tikkurila. Please note that if you have a connecting flight, it best reserve 3 hours between the arrival of train and the departure of your flight.

 Please note that there are no night trains or buses between Helsinki and Joensuu.

Under no circumstances should you book a flight to Kuopio – the two campuses are 140 kms (90 miles) apart and there is no public connection from Kuopio airport to Joensuu.


The following hotels are all in the city centre, approximately a 15 minute walk to the UEF Joensuu campus where the conference will be held.

SOKOS Hotel Kimmel, Itäranta 1, Joensuu

SOKOS Hotel Vaakuna, Torikatu 20, Joensuu

Lietsu Boutique Aparthotel, Rantakatu 26, Joensuu

Hotel Scandic Joensuu, Kirkkokatu 20, Joensuu

Hotel Greenstar Joensuu, Torikatu 16, Joensuu

ISLO Hostel, Kalevankatu 5b, Joensuu (use: ”Tee huonevarauspyyntö” or

Johanssonin talo 1849, Suvantokatu 1, Joensuu (see: ”majoitus”; contact

Holiday Linnunlahti, Linnunlahdentie 1, Joensuu

Many Airbnb apartments are also available in the town. Please note that if you book one in the district of Penttilä across the river, you should reserve an extra 20 minutes to walk to the town. Buses do not serve that part of the town.

Public transport

Information about local buses (Bus 6 serves the airport and leaves the city 70 minutes before each flight).

Tourist information: see here.

A map of Joensuu is available here and here.

The address of UEF Campus is Yliopistokatu 2, Joensuu.