Bus excursion to Nicosia for ‘Peace Walk’


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Sat. May 28, 13:15-19:00 (ticket: 10 euros; max. 55 persons).

13:15 Bus departure Larnaca from UCLan campus (main building)

14:15 Arrival at Nicosia (and opportunity to grab a snack for lunch); the walk will start at the Ledra Palace hotel (Marcou Drakou street)

18:00 departure from Nicosia and c. 19:00 back in Larnaca

Description: The tour, a ‘Peace Walk’, will give the participants a chance to explore Nicosia’s city centre, the area within and in proximity to the old city’s Venetian walls. The group will start the walk within the publicly accessible areas of the Buffer Zone and head to the city centre (alongside the Buffer Zone), experiencing the multiple physical antitheses the area offers. The Peace Walk will be guided by Dr. Katerina Antoniou, who will discuss the city’s peacebuilding discourse and the identity threats it has faced, as well as illustrations of its multicultural and multiethnic character.

Information about Nicosia (old town and more): https://www.visitnicosia.com.cy/Old-Town.

Special instructions: Please bring your passport, and wear comfortable clothes and shoes. As participants will  be invited to engage in some reflective writing at the beginning and end of the tour, as well as complete a survey for the tour for future research purposes, please bring pen and paper as well! You are also advised to carry water, sunglasses and a hat for sun protection and self-care. The ‘Peace Walk’ is scheduled to take approximately 2-3 hours, with a coffee break included.

Bus excursion to Nicosia for ‘Peace Walk’